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Side Hustle Serenity is two best friends Jillian and Allison that have found serenity in making handmade scented soy wax candles and essential oil infused bath products.

Jillian's day to day consists of the exciting yet oftentimes high stress world of real estate and real estate investing. She is the overly proud mother of a beautiful and bright daughter.

Allison works in the medical field of sonography. While she loves her job it also presents its fair share of long hours and sometimes stressful situations. Allison is a glowing mom of 2 amazing, beautiful, thoughtful, and smart young ladies.

Alright now that we have covered the basics let's get down to the reality. Jillian and Allison met back in the time of hemp necklaces with shells and a readily accessible pay phone at every corner. High school pals joined by poor choices, bad hair, and an undying desire to live life to its fullest. BUT THEN..... THEY GREW THE "F" UP and entered the world of W-2 income, mortgage payments, co-workers that watch crappy shows on TLC (and think it is appropriate to tell others about them), weekend long volleyball tournaments, and eating cold chicken tenders and mac & cheese that your kid didn't finish while doing a mountain of dirty dishes.

The bottom line is that under their very expensive color treated and chi straighten hair Jillian and Allison were losing their flipping marbles. So after a few long discussions over a couple glasses of wine (or bottles, but don't be judging us if you are one of the TLC watching percentages of population) side hustle serenity was born! The goal was to be able to spend quality time as best friends while being able to do something they both enjoyed, being able to be creative and crafty all at the same time!

After everyone they knew was loaded down with these phenomenal scented, hand made, products these ladies decided that the obvious next move was to be able to share them with the public.

We all sometimes feel like with the stresses of our day to day lives we are losing our marbles, but don't worry you will always be able to find them in the simplicity of serenity.