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Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented - Side Hustle Serenity
Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented - Side Hustle Serenity
Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented - Side Hustle Serenity
Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented - Side Hustle Serenity

Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented

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Whipped Sugar Scrub | CHEERS "Champagne" Scented

Whipped Sugar Scrub is a foaming, amazingly scented, high quality exfoliating body Scrub.  Watch yourself feel like pure silk and have a freshly exfoliated glow with this luxurious bath product.

For that person in your life that just deserves to take a moment for themselves and soak up the serenity. All to often we forget that we are also that person that needs a momentary escape from the day to day stresses that daily life presents. Our Super Thick Whipped Sugar Scrub is PERFECT for treating yourself to that much needs skin TCL.

So Turn down the lights, fill up the bathtub with warm water, put on your favorite relaxation playlist and slip into the calming and relaxing scents of serenity

Directions: Begin by clean skin completely wet with warm water in the bathtub or shower in preparation for exfoliation. Pause the running water and apply a small scoop (about the size of a quarter) of sugar scrub directly to the skin and gently scrub with your palms or fingertips in a circular motion. For more foam to become present add a little additional water to the skin being exfoliated. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE SUGAR SCRUB ON YOUR FACE! Rinse off completely with warm running water. For best results use at least 1-2 times per week (3-4 in winter months).

Each Sugar Scrub is 5oz

Whipped Sugar Scrub: Made with fragrance oils and/or essential oils, coconut oil, and whipped Bath Soap Base, (due to the nature of handmade products sizes and weights are approximate).

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Ingredients Include:

Whipped Sugar Scrub- Organic Sucrose (Sugar) Crystal OPC (glycerin, aqua, sodium cocyl, isethionate, disodium lauryl suflsuccinate, sorbitol), 100% Pure Coconut Oil, Skin Safe/Vegan FD&C approved colorant, and a proprietary blend of fragrance oils and/or essential oils including: Champagne Scent

**Caution*** AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES **FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, DO NOT INGEST. May cause the bathtub or shower to become slippery so use caution when entering and exiting the tub or shower.

Please provide an address where your package can be retrieved quickly in hot months. Products could melt if left unattended in the heat.

Every Side Hustle Serenity Product made in small batches in the great state of Texas.

Thank you for shopping and enjoy the scents of serenity!